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Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Org ID: 8514
8200 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE  68114-4113

Last Full Survey Date Last On-Site Survey Date
Home Care
Accredited 6/7/2013 6/6/2013   6/6/2013  
Accredited 6/8/2013 6/7/2013   6/7/2013  

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Home Health Agency

Special Quality Awards

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This organization achieved the best possible results
This organization’s performance is above the target range/value.
This organization’s performance is similar to the target range/value.
This organization’s performance is below the target range/value.
This measure is not applicable for this organization.
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1. The measure or measure set was not reported.
2. The measure set does not have an overall result.
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6. The measure results are not statistically valid.
7. The measure results are based on a sample of patients.
8. The number of months with measure data is below the reporting requirement.
9. The measure results are temporarily suppressed pending resubmission of updated data.
10. Test Measure: a measure being evaluated for reliability of the individual data elements or awaiting National Quality Forum Endorsement.
11. There were no eligible patients that met the denominator criteria.
National Patient Safety Goals and National Quality Improvement Goals
    Compared to other Joint Commission Accredited Organizations
    Nationwide Statewide
Home Care
2013 National Patient Safety Goals See Detail
This organization’s performance is similar to the target range/value.
This Goal is not applicable for this organization.
2013 National Patient Safety Goals See Detail
This organization’s performance is similar to the target range/value.
This Goal is not applicable for this organization.
National Quality Improvement Goals:    
Reporting Period:
Oct  2014 -
Sep  2015
Children's Asthma Care See Detail
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National Quality Forum The Joint Commission only reports measures endorsed by the National Quality Forum.
* State results are not calculated for the National Patient Safety Goals.

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Sites and Services
* Primary Location

An organization may provide services not listed here. For more information refer to the Quality Report User Guide .

Locations of Care Available Services
Children's Behavioral Health and Eating Disorders Program
1000 North 90th Street, Suite 200 & 300
Omaha, NE  68114
    • Behavioral Health (Non 24 Hour Care - Child/Youth)
    • Eating Disorders (Day Programs - Child/Youth)
      (Non 24 Hour Care - Child/Youth)
      (Partial - Child/Youth)
    • Family Support (Non 24 Hour Care)
    Children's Council Bluffs
    1022 Woodbury Ave
    Council Bluffs, IA  51503
      • Laboratory Draw Station (Outpatient)
      Children's Home Healthcare
      4156 South 52nd Street
      Omaha, NE  68117
        • Canes and Crutches
        • Clinical Respiratory
        • Commodes
        • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
        • Durable Medical Equipment
        • Enteral Equipment and/or Supplies
        • Enteral Nutrients
        • External Infusion Pumps and/or Supplies
        • Home Health, Non-Hospice Services
        • Hospital Beds - Electric
        • Hospital Beds - Manual
        • Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing
        • Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
        • Mechanical In-Exsufflation Devices
        • Medical Social Services
        • Nebulizers
        • Occupational Therapy
        • Ostomy Supplies
        • Oxygen
        • Parenteral Equipment and/or Supplies
        • Parenteral Nutrients
        • Patient Lifts and Accessories
        • Pharmacy, Clinical Consulting Services
        • Pharmacy/Dispensary,General Services
        • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
        • Physical Therapy
        • Pneumatic Compression Devices
        • Prosthetics (Home Medical Equipment)
        • Respiratory Assist Devices
        • Respiratory Equipment
        • Skilled Nursing Services
        • Suction Pump
        • Supplies
        • Support Surfaces - For Beds
        • Surgical Dressings
        • Telehealth
        • Tracheostomy Supplies
        • Ultaviolet Light Devices
        • Ventilators Accessories/Supplies
        • Walkers, Canes and Crutches
        • Wheelchairs - Manual Custom
        • Wheelchairs - Manual Non-Custom
        • Wheelchairs-Complex Rehabilitiative Manual Accessories
        • Wheelchairs-Standard Manual Accessories
        Children's Hospital & Medical Center  *
        8200 Dodge Street
        Omaha, NE  68114
          • Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Surgical Services)
          • Cardiac Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • Cardiothoracic Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • CT Scanner (Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Ear/Nose/Throat Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • Eating Disorders (Outpatient)
          • EEG/EKG/EMG Lab (Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Gastroenterology (Surgical Services)
          • GI or Endoscopy Lab (Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Inpatient Unit (Inpatient)
          • Interventional Radiology (Inpatient, Outpatient, Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Labor & Delivery (Inpatient)
          • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Medical /Surgical Unit (Inpatient)
          • Medical ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
          • Neurosurgery (Surgical Services)
          • Nuclear Medicine (Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Ophthalmology (Surgical Services)
          • Orthopedic Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • Outpatient Clinics (Outpatient)
          • Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Cardiology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Dentistry (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Dermatology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Endocrinology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Gastroenterology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric General Surgery (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Nephrology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Neurology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Neurosurgery (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Ophthalmology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Oral/Maxofacial Surgery (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Otolaryngology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
            (Outpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Plastic Surgery (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Pediatric Unit (Inpatient)
          • Pediatric Urology (Inpatient - Child/Youth)
          • Plastic Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) (Inpatient)
          • Sleep Laboratory (Sleep Laboratory)
          • Thoracic Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • Transplant Surgery (Surgical Services)
          • Ultrasound (Imaging/Diagnostic Services)
          • Urology (Surgical Services)
          Children's Hospital Speciality Pediatric Clinic
          4445 South 86th Street
          Lincoln, NE  68526
            • Outpatient Clinics (Outpatient)
            Children's Urgent Care-- Val Verde
            9801 Giles Road Suite 1
            La Vista, NE  68128
              • Urgent Care (Outpatient)
              Children's Urgent Care-- West Village Pointe
              110 North 175th Street
              Omaha, NE  68118
                • Urgent Care (Outpatient)

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