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G&G Healthcare Services, LLC
Org ID: 415819
1590 NE 162nd Street Suite 200
North Miami Beach, FL  33162

Last Full Survey Date Last On-Site Survey Date
Behavioral Health Care
Accredited 3/21/2015 3/20/2015   3/20/2015  

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  Symbol Key
The organization has met the National Patient Safety Goal.
The organization has not met the National Patient Safety Goal.
The goal is not applicable for this organization.
National Patient Safety Goals and National Quality Improvement Goals
    Compared to other Joint Commission Accredited Organizations
    Nationwide Statewide
Behavioral Health Care
2015 National Patient Safety Goals See Detail
This organization’s performance is similar to the target range/value.
This Goal is not applicable for this organization.
* State results are not calculated for the National Patient Safety Goals.

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Sites and Services
* Primary Location

An organization may provide services not listed here. For more information refer to the Quality Report User Guide .

Locations of Care Available Services
G&G Healthcare Services, LLC  *
1590 NE 162 Street
North Miami Beach, FL  33162
    • Addiction Care/Adult)
    • Behavioral Health (Day Programs - Adult)
      (Residential Care - Adult)
      (Partial - Adult)
    • Chemical Dependency (Day Programs - Adult)
      (Residential Care - Adult)
      (Partial - Adult)

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