Quality Check: Tips for finding the organization you are looking for…

  • Enter a single keyword that appears in the name
     (e.g. entering “clear lake” when searching for “clear lake regional medical center”) because health care organizations may change names or have names that are different from the name you are used to. We might not find the organization when a word is entered that is not in the name (e.g. entering "clear lake hospital" when looking for
    "clear lake regional medical center").
  • If using the Organization Number search, do not include a State when searching.  The Organization Number search does not allow partial numbers to be searched. 
  • Avoid entering locations (e.g. Memorial General of Illinois) as the organization may not be located where you think. Our health care organization name listings may differ from what you expect. When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Remember this search only returns health care organizations that are accredited by The Joint Commission.