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Quality Check® - What can this site do for me?

Quality Check® is the most comprehensive listing of health care organizations available today. Joint Commission accreditation/certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality and safety that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards 

On Quality Check you can:

  1. Search for health care organizations.  Joint Commission-accredited and certified organizations will display a Gold Seal of Approval. 
  2. View and download a Quality Report for all Joint Commission-accredited and certified organizations.  You should discuss the Quality Report with your doctor or other health care professionals before making a decision about your health care.

Only Joint Commission-accredited organizations display the Gold Seal of Approval™.  If there is no Gold Seal by an organization, it is not Joint Commission accredited. Gold Seal of Approval

What does accreditation and certification mean to me, the health care consumer?

As a health care consumer wouldn’t you want to know if your health care provider is going above and beyond to ensure the safety and quality of your care?  When a health care organization voluntarily seeks accreditation or certification, it demonstrates a strong commitment to giving safe, high quality health care and to continually work to improve that care.

What can I learn from a Quality Report?

  1. The accreditation decision of the health care organization and/or the certification decision of a disease-specific program or health care staffing organization.  If the accreditation or certification decision is other than “accredited” or “certified” (in compliance with all applicable standards), the specific standards out of compliance will be posted on their Quality Report..
  2. The locations and services offered at each accredited/certifed organization.
  3. Special Quality Awards the organization has achieved.
  4. National Patient Safety Goals compliance.
  5. Data for hospitals that submit National Quality Improvement Goals performance measures results in the areas of children’s asthma care, heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical care and pregnancy.*   

*Not all hospitals report on all measures.

Report a complaint

Do you have a complaint about the quality of care at a Joint Commission-accredited health care organization? The Joint Commission wants to know about it.  Click here for the online complaint form.

How to learn more about making health care decisions

For more information about the Joint Commission and making important health care decisions, visit the General Public section of our website.

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The Joint Commission obtains information about accredited/certified organizations not only through direct observations by its employees …Read more.
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