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Quality Report
St. John River District Hospital
Org ID: 7584

National Quality Improvement Goals: Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP)

Reporting Period: January 2014 - December 2014

Measure Area
SCIP - Cardiac
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Measure Hospital
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Surgery patients taking a Beta-Blocker before hospital admission who received a Beta-Blocker in the time frame of 24 hours before surgery through the time they were in the recovery room.
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This organization achieved the best possible results.
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25 eligible Patients
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1 - The measure or measure set was not reported.
2 - The measure set does not have an overall result.
3 - The number is not enough for comparison purposes.
4 - The measure meets the Privacy Disclosure Threshold rule.
5 - The organization scored above 90% but was below most other organizations.
6 - The measure results are not statistically valid.
7 - The measure results are based on a sample of patients.
8 - The number of months with measure data is below the reporting requirement.
9 - The measure results are temporarily suppressed.
10 - Test Measure: a measure being evaluated for reliability of the individual data elements or awaiting National Quality Forum Endorsement.
11 - There were no eligible patients that met the denominator criteria.

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